Monday, August 16, 2010

A study in brown

A simple task: to wrap a present that Anant needed to take to a birthday party on Saturday. This simple task was accomplished with a lot of helping hands who chipped in and did their bits. All in all, a fun way to jazz up a simple kraft paper parcel.

First, the gift - it was chosen by Anant, and fit in perfectly with the Roald Dahl fan that he is.

Since he was not sure whether the recipient reads Roald Dahl (they were in the same section for years before being parted this year!), he insisted on designing and making a bookmark to go along with the book.

Children do grow up fast - and pretty soon, I discovered that the octopus print kraft paper that I made a few months ago would not do for this 9-10 age group. Tut, tut. Well, then, you just simply turn the paper around and do something else with it. 

Here is the simple non-descript brown paper package. Nothing much to look at, eh?

So here I get to work: the usual supplies and a page torn from the newspaper supplement, which by some happy coincidence has a birthday-related cartoon strip.

It's a simple matter of going to work with the glue stick then.

The husband who is just back from a trip cannot resist chipping in with his calligraphy pen and we end up with two options for gift tags, again with cardboard taken from a small packing carton.

I go with the hub's tag, which I have to say adds a classier touch than the simple felt pen one I did. Plus it makes it feel like a family effort. Add a bit of sisal string...and the little boy is ready for a party. I do hope the little boy who received it enjoyed the gift as much as we enjoyed wrapping it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

More nature natter

        The Pelican Brief                                                                          S. Dipak
"Don't look now, Margarita, but looks like the stranger's still hanging around .."

Two pelicans and a painted stork...can one stop finding inspiration in nature? Don't think so.