Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pink and pearly spine

I took a stab at Japanese style book binding.(Couldn't resist that!). Yes, it's called stab binding.

Came up with five booklets for my son and his friends on the occasion of Friendship Day. Just ordinary printer paper with a cream coloured thicker paper for the cover. I used contrasting embroidery thread, and my son came up with the idea of attaching pictures to the tail of each book for the boys. He chose pictures of buddies like Tintin-Snowy and Keymon Ache-Rohan. The only sample I managed to click a photograph of was the ones he gave to two girls. Although I'm not in favour of using cliched colours for boys-girls, it's a fact that's difficult to escape that some girls do like pink (and some boys probably hate it for the same reason!). And since I ran out of other colours, pink it was. And what else goes with pink but pearls. Disgusting I know, but give me a's ok to be cliched sometimes. The result was not too bad, I'm sure you'll agree.

On another note, I might have been in a slightly quirky mood when I chose the name Ephemera Studio for this blog. Funnily,  it really seems to live up to its name because nothing really remains - these ideas in passing are ephemeral - they remain but for a few days with me because everything is usually gifted away. So photographing these objects for the blog really helps me to have some sort of record of what passed through my hands!

Pink and pearls Japanese stab bound booklet. At the left are  variations of the paper flowers with a spot of embroidery and a pearl in the centre. (I surprise myself constantly these days - whoever thought I'd get my thumb  around embroidery? And on paper ? With pearls popping into my handiwork?)