Monday, September 26, 2011

Accordion Book on bird shapes

At some point, I would like to pen the book “What the well-equipped child needs for school” on the lines of the article penned by Bertie Wooster.  If I consider the items my child has been asked to take to school over the years, apart from the regularly school books and stationery, no doubt it will be quite a lengthy document.  ....Read further

New blog

I've just realised that I've completed 50 posts on this blog. Thanks so much to all of you who've bothered to come over and read the blog. Some of you have left comments, and I'm really grateful for all the encouraging words -  I derive a lot of happiness from browsing through my own blog and looking at some of the comments. It's been really a record of my journey in art and craft over the past few months.

My little boy's growing up fast, and I've realised that we need some space for slightly longer posts, maybe with more photographs. I've begun one called IMPRINT - it stands for so much, the way we learn when we're together, psychology, an impression in your mind, or an imprint of words etched into a surface. It will contain essays, photographs and posts specifically about handmade books.  I'll continue posting here about small projects, but please take a moment to check out the other blog as well.

Imprint - click here to visit my new blog

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pixie tales

I wondered what a pixie would write a note on if she was sending some iced cupcakes over to a little girl's birthday party.
I thought perhaps she'd pluck a leaf and write on it with freshly squeezed berry juice sitting by a river side surrounded by bluebells and fairy dust.

I used Lokta paper to make this leaf and painted on it with watercolours.

It was a rather speedy job, so forgive the not so perfect look. The different coloured stains on it are meant to represent berry juice.

The note accompanied some cupcakes, iced for the first time with buttercream icing, inspired by my friend Kamini's recently begun initiative, 22 Baker Street. Only one is shown here for obvious reasons - the rest were not up to scratch at least in photographs, although they were enjoyed by all present there. 

Accompanying craft - I took along butterfly templates and strips of paper. The girls made little umbrella like flowers on which the butterflies perched.

All in all, I think my rhyme was better than my cupcakes, and that's saying a lot.