Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bird tee

Coppersmith barbet on a tee shirt. Model: Anant. Fabric paints on cloth by Namitha.


  1. Wow - thats a really cute tee. anant must be so proud of it :)

  2. Hiya, yeah he did like it a lot and wore it all day and was very annoyed when I took it away for washing before he wore it the next time ! He has already placed an order for a pied hornbill on a white t-shirt. I did not have much confidence in my painting skills so I chose a dark colour this time. Unbelievable how easy it was do the outline in white -- use a really thin and short bristled brush and it works almost like a pen. And of course the t-shirt must be slightly thicker, softer and with fewer pores or whatever they are called.


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