Monday, September 13, 2010

Driving in the city

Close your eyes and you could be on Marine Drive, Mumbai? Marina Beach, Chennai? Kerala? No, we thought we'd just stay in Delhi -- this is the  River Yamuna, or to be more precise, the inundated flood plain as photographed on Sunday September 12 2010. (Photo by Dipak)
Another view of the river's flood plain. (Photo by Anant)

Crowds of people line the ITO Bridge watching the river. Not our regular Sunday haunt, but just because it was such an unusual sight. (Photo by Dipak)
Another view of the river Yamuna. Swirling eddies. Some serious motion here. (Photo by Dipak)

Another view of Delhi. Check out the piece of political graffiti on the signal box. It is of Irom Sharmila, the lady on a hunger strike.  Interesting combination of a stencil (?) of a rose combined the image of  the strong-willed lady (Photo taken from the car by Anant)

After the long drive, it was time to grab some sand-roasted corn. The corn cobs are buried in hot sand with the husk. And they are sold with a small packet of spice mixture and lemon. (Photo by Namitha)

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