Thursday, January 13, 2011

Slow progress 2

The adventure with watercolours continues, albeit with long intervals without picking up a brush. I tried my hand at painting the Ashy Wren Warbler or Ashy Prinia, a pretty little bird  captured by Dipak on camera on a cold winter's day at Okhla Bird Sanctuary (see photo of printout below).  I've used larger sized paper and although picking the palette was not easy given the different hues, the most difficult part for me is taking my time over the painting and being patient. That is truly the most difficult part of being a Sunday artist, and hopefully, painting will help  me conquer my impatience....although I'm not holding my breath.

Ashy Prinia at Okhla Bird Sanctuary January 2011. Printout of photograph taken by Dipak.

Ashy Prinia. Watercolour on Canson paper. By Namitha


  1. lovely effort this time around Nami - except, you missed the yellow on the belly/flanks. Distinguishes it from the plain prinia :)

    Tis called the Caramel-custard pudding bird by a friend of mine - cos of the colours.

  2. 'Tis true, it is creamish yellow -- caramel custard -- around the belly. And the best part is...I've still not completed it, so I can still fill it in. What would I do without you, my virtual critic and guide????? Thanks :) And I it is a very pretty bird. Anant has an even better photo of it up on india nature watch.


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