Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bird tee 2

It is that time of the year again. Birthday time, and bird tee time. Following my successful attempt last year to paint a bird on a t-shirt, I tried it once again. Again using  a photograph taken by Anant of a Crested Serpent Eagle.  I would have preferred a darker coloured t-shirt but there was this last one remaining that just needed to be used before he outgrows it. I need to work on proportions more, but I think I've done ok with the head, and some of the shading. I just love doing this, it is so meditative, and if you have a willing kid who is so happy with the result it makes it much more fun.

 Crested Serpent Eagle  on T-shirt. Acrylic on cotton. by Namitha

Based on photo of Crested Serpent Eagle at Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary by Anant.

For the post about the other T-shirt click here.

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